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The Moulin des etangs

The emblem of Domaine des Etangs is the dragonfly. And, like the dragonfly, everything here centres around a delicate equilibrium, a harmony between seasons, elements, complementary principles, and senses.
For the past 280 million years, the life of the dragonfly has played out in the balance between the waters of its birth and the air of its existence, between the earth and the iridescence of its wings. Framing its slender feather-point body, these wings carry the dragonfly wherever it desires.
This quest for equilibrium in all things leads us not to strive for the most, but the best of every place, season and moment. And if we succeed in this, it is not to the diminish beauty or calmness of what is already there, but rather to imbue it with a sense of stillness.
Our expertise in skincare runs deep. We believe that skin is far more than an external barrier – it is an expression of our innermost self. This is why our treatments focus as much on the surface as the spirit; on the balance between outside and in, between the visible and the unseen.
If there is one thing to keep in mind, it is that Moulin des Etangs is not about feeling better – it is about feeling good.