Domaine des Etangs


History of the Domaine

In a drive to preserve the ecosystems essential to our health, the Domaine des Etangs is engaged in numerous environmentally-friendly activities.

First, the vegetable garden that supplies the kitchens is certified organic and is cultivated according to the principles of permaculture. In the gardens and foremost in the Domaine, only organic produce and practices are favoured. The farm is therefore also organic and studies are conducted on animal welfare.

Furthermore, the forests of the Domaine are managed sustainably and are certified PEFC. Moreover, analyses of the quality of the soil are carried out by Claude and Lydia Bourguignon, microbiologists renowned for implementing techniques to naturally enrich the soil, in order to manage it sustainably and productively.

As regards the fauna on the estate, a collaboration with the National Museum of Natural History and OPIE (dedicated to entomological observation) has been set up to undertake the inventory and tally of numerous species of insects, including the odonata.

At the Domaine des Etangs, Harmony with Nature is the object of a constant appraisal and evolution, as the health of the Earth depends on our health.

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