Domaine des Etangs


History of the Domaine

The Château des Etangs was built in the 13th century and was the fiefdom of the knights of Chasteignier de la Roche-Posay, whose origins date back to 1060. Lying between the “Fontaine de l’Ane” and the “Pont du Moulin”, it was probably the key stronghold on the road connecting Limoges to Angoulême. In 1636, the castle was seized and sold to the Nesmond family. In 1749, Jean de la Breuille, a distant cousin, made it his home.

However, Mr de la Breuille was an inveterate gambler and frittered away his fortune. In 1761, the Domaine des Etangs® was once again seized by the royal bailiffs. The Marquis de Brunoy then acquired the castle before selling it to Sir François Emmanuel Bernard du Breuil Hélion de La Guéronnière in 1773.

In 1793, in the midst of the French Revolution, the knight and his son abandoned the castle to join the army of Condé and fight the revolutionary forces.

They returned home in 1801, wounded and weakened, only to pass away a few years later. It was a godson and nephew who, in 1860, turned the stronghold into a family castle by renovating the place from top to bottom. His daughter married Count Beaupoil de Saint Aulaire, author of “The Chronicles of the Forest of Sauvagnac”, before selling the property in 1919 to Mr Vincent, an agricultural engineer who had made his fortune in Indochina and who began breeding English pigs on the estate.

After the Second World War, the property was sold to Mr Fleury before being purchased in the 1980s by Mr Didier Primat, a man with a deep appreciation of beauty and Nature, of stonework and buildings, of refined and raw materials. He embarked on a series of major refurbishments to restore the Domaine to its former glory.

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