Wellness space

Domaine des Etangs


Moulin des Etangs, the quest for balance

Located by the water, the former mill welcomes the Wellness Space and its cosmetics boutique.
One reaches it via a stone bridge, leaving the château behind to enter a bubble of Well-Being conducive to relaxation and surrender.

In this former mill, the atmosphere is rustic, in harmony with Nature and the terroir. Here, one encounters the remains of a bygone era, including the impressive fully restored and functional mechanism. 
Eau, Feu, Terre, Air and Ether…: Water, Fire, Earth, Air and Ether…
Each treatment room is named after an element, which elevates its connection to Nature.
Each is adorned with a poetic plant-based work of art, produced in harmony with the elements and created specifically for this venue from prominent trees in the Domaine. A gentle evocation of the nature outside.

The custom treatments are adapted to the seasonal needs of one’s body. 
Each generation is invited to enjoy the Art of treatments.
In the five rooms, time stands still to help one connect with Oneself, find one’s balance and reconnect to Nature and to one’s own Nature.

The treatments of the Domaine des Etangs are not designed to make one feel better. They are designed to make one feel good.

Our spa menu

In harmony with the cycle of seasons and the fundamental elements, water, air, fire, earth and ether, the treatments and massages dispensed by our practitioners are directly inspired by the surrounding nature.

Moulin des Etangs offers specific protocols for all generations. Some are intended to be enjoyed as a family. In the triple suite, parents and children are offered the opportunity to experience together unique treatments for a wellness interlude. Depending on their wishes, children (always in the company of their parents) are invited to enjoy entertaining experiences with age-appropriate treatments designed specifically for them.

Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am to 7pm