Wellness experiences

Domaine des Etangs


Wellness experiences

The Thermal baths

Inspired by the Chassenon Gallo-Roman baths and treatments, the thermal baths of the Château are the ideal place to pamper and relax.
In a succession of steam baths, a Caldarium (47°- 50°C), a Tepidarium (37°- 40°C) and a Frigidarium (7°C), soak in the intimate atmosphere and discover the benefits of water-based relaxation with this succession of hot and cool mists. The indoor pool is an invitation to surrender and to feel your body rejuvenate.


TEPIDARIUM : An alcove (warm room), T° 35-40°

CALDARIUM : The hottest alcove (hammam), T° 47-50 °

TEPIDARIUM : Warm room, T° 35-40°

 FRIGIDARIUM : The cooling alcove, T° 7°

Jet pool of the Thermal Baths

Indoor pool heated at approximately 35, equipped with hydro- and air-operated massage jets, adjustable in intensity and orientation. 
Benefits: slimming, blood and lymphatic circulation, muscle strengthening and relaxation.

Outdoor swimming pool

The Domaine's outdoor swimming pool is open from June to September and has water heated to 25°C.
Enjoy swimming outside with a view of nature and the Chateau's pond.
Relax in the sun or in the shade of the parasols and vegetation.

Strolling or running

The exceptional setting of the Domaine des Etangs, that covers 2,500 acres of meadows, woods and ponds, offers numerous opportunities to engage in activities to get away from it all.

Before or after a treatment, our guests are invited to discover the Domaine from a different angle, through a variety of experiences: discovery of the vegetable garden, boat ride, fitness trail, pond or forest trail, bicycle rides, floating tennis court, outdoor pool and gym. Or picnicking in the forest, sampling a delicious dish in the restaurant, or stargazing…

A venue dedicated to leisure and discovery where everything is possible, including doing nothing.

Wasting one’s time in order to better reconnect and renew with the essential: the Quintessence.

Activities for children: The Domaine of Children

As the purple sun of the Domaine shines down on the remains of the day, the calls of parents ring out: children, dinner is ready!

But silence alone deigns to answer.
Then, gently, like a draught on the green lawn, the first light cascades of laughter, the happy trills of children running between the sky and the earth of their imaginary hopscotches can be heard.
They play. Conquering the sky from the heights of swings, exploring the universe with a trampoline leap, discovering the remote lands beyond the ponds.

The Domaine is not the preserve of adults... It has been designed for families, to welcome the laughter and games of childhood and create memories. 
In the play area designed for them but also in the attic of the Château where a vast space awaits them on rainy days and long winter afternoons.
Far from the gaze of their parents but watched over by the staff of the Domaine who look after their comfort and safety, the children can pick vegetables in the vegetable garden, gorge on cakes or simply run through the woods.