Dyades restaurant

Domaines des Etangs


Dyades restaurant

The spirit of Dyades

Sitting in Dyades’ table, it’s starting a journey without leaving, and to let everything come.
The dyad is the meeting of two complementary principles and elements. It is also the name of the restaurant at Domaine des Etangs.
A necessary balance in everything and especially in the kitchen where the harmony between the ingredients is the keystone of a successful dish.
Balance also in the room, between the rusticity of old stones and the refinement of tableware. Balance, finally, between the pleasure of gluttony and the well-being of the guests supported by a welcoming service.
Dyades, is choosing, when the weather is good, to sit on the terrace and enjoy the gentle landscape and the quiet strength of the Château.

When the restaurants are allowed to re-open, Dyades will re-open its doors from Wednesday to Sunday.
An alternative catering offer is served on Mondays and Tuesdays to customers staying at the Domaine.
The dishes offered on our menu may change depending on the seasonal products available.

Cooking requires a light head, a generous mind and an open heart.

Paul Gauguin


The menu of the Dyades restaurant offers an array of flavours and produce from which the desires of guests design the meal to come. They can play and create their own combinations of tastes.
The dishes listed in our menu may evolve according to the availability of seasonal produce.