Dining room – Monade

is a private dining room, which features, upon request, personalized menus and the finest French culinary art.

Prestigious recipes, old, modern, childhood memories… In this refined place, everything is possible, everything is allowed.

Monade can accommodate up to 22 guests around a meal or for a seminar.

Reception room – Octave

Located about 2 km from the Château, Octave blends into a green setting. The thick stone walls of this old barn of 200 m2 allow tailor-made facilities:

Octave can accommodate up to 100 guests.

Theater configuration: 100 people

U-shaped: 50 people

Banquet configuration: 100 people

Cocktail setup: 150 people

The Château’s attic

This huge 220m 2 room occupies two thirds of the 2nd floor of the Château. The majestic and imposing apparent frame of the Castle gives this room an exceptional cachet in addition to the sweet and captivating scent with notes of aged wood and honey thanks to the hives that used to reign here.
The attic can accommodate up to 100 guests.



Located in the heart of the Domaine, close to the Dragon farmhouse cottage which it neighbours, this old barn, kept in its most natural state, invites you to relax and enjoy pleasant moments around delicious country meals such as brunches and barbecues.
Dragon can accommodate up to 60 guests.