Orée du bois

Créations Galant - Metalsmith


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The artisan’s hands are at work when melting, deburring and smoothing. While the artist’s eyes are at work when envisioning, designing and sculpting the moulds. Stéphane Galerneau has been the eyes and the hands of the Créations Galant Art Foundry for the past 10 years.
We wished to bring together the clay pot and the iron pot. Combining the fire that shapes and that fires, blending the transparent clay of the kaolin with the opaque bastion of aged bronze. This union resulted in the “Orée du bois” lantern, embedded with a wickerwork pattern, and the “Fable des Etangs” candle holders, inhabited by animals from the Domaine: Hares, Frogs or Snails.
Aged pewter and porcelain H 30 x D 20 cm