Nos Racines

Maison Labiche


Stemming from a family tradition – the grandmother taught her granddaughter embroidery on textile – and from the passion of the latter for white, plain, unisex and straight t-shirts, the obsession resulted in embroidered t-shirts whose cut, fabric, colour, weight, knit and finishing are reflected over day and night to create a unique and perfect result.
There is nothing simpler and more timeless than a white t-shirt. And since we like messages embroidered on the heart, we decorated these garments with what matters most to us: radishes, turnips and carrots, vegetables from our garden. Naturally, it makes one smile but also bears a message. Likewise, we are fond of our roots, of the earth that welcomes the Domaine des Etangs and of the passing time which gently shapes the beauty of the world.
100% cotton