Lien de Cœur

Daguet - Leather goods manufacturer


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Since 1969, Maison Daguet house has been tirelessly pursuing the quest for perfection and expert craftsmanship required when working with leather. As it is fond of asserting, Daguet doesn’t produce to order but “to desire”. In accordance with our Art of Life and our philosophy, Daguet sources vegetable tanned leathers.
As a nod to the Limousin cows of the Domaine des Etangs, and inspired by the ear tags bearing their identity, we asked Daguet to design a keyring named “Lien de coeur”. Each keyring features a unique number and hence links its new owner to one of the ambassadors of the Domaine.
Leather and metal H 5,5 x L 6 cm Diameter of the ring: 3,2 cm