Essences précieuses

Porcelaines de la Fabrique - Porcelain manufacturer


Since 1825, the Porcelaines de la Fabrique factory, located in the Haute-Vienne department at the heart of the Limousin region, has been enhancing the whiteness of kaolin, producing exquisitely fine and transparent porcelain. Thanks to its unrivalled know-how, it perpetuates and promotes the great tradition of the Arts of Fire worldwide. A fire whose gold and embers sparkle when the light shines through the pieces.
For CREATIONS DRAGONFLY and in collaboration with Porcelaines de La Fabrique, Cyprien Chabert has designed the gold embellished Essences Précieuses, a dinner set depicting the trees and plants endemic to the Domaine des Etangs: the treetops, undergrowth, clearings and pond banks.