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Atelier Drevelle - Cabinetmaker

Limited edition 3 pieces only.

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A member of the Grands Ateliers de France, boasting the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage) label, Ateliers Drevelle arches, presses and fashions precious wood: not only Tulipwood, Rosewood, Sen and Palm tree, but also Yew or Swamp Oak. Their caskets contain cigars, cognac and sometimes even jewels and perfume.
“Hands reveal the materials and the know-how, but above all trigger emotions. I believe that our role is to express beauty… that is to say aesthetics, emotions and foremost the time that needs to be enjoyed” according to Thierry Drevelle. Made from swamp oak and inlaid with the rods crafted for Ruhlmann by Albert Daubray, the grandfather, found in the “paradise”, the precious wood storehouse of the workshop, the casket opens onto the fireworks sparked by the rods and the Bourgoin Cognac flask, and closes to be replaced by the silence of beauty and simplicity.
Swamp oak and marquetry embellishments, Closed: H 24,5 x L 22 x P 22,4 cm, Open: H 31,2 x L 39,2 x P 31 cm, Tray: H 3,8 x L 33,5 x P 27,5 cm