Ciel et Terre

Bourgoin Cognac - Winemaker


Established on the Premiers Bois, Petite Champagne and Fins Bois vineyards of the town of Saint-Saturnin in Charente, the family-run Bourgoin Cognac estate crafts a “natural” cognac, devoid of any blending, filtering, colouring or added sugar. “I am fond of saying that we turn mud into light. We start off with something earthy, thick and raw to obtain a delicate, elegant and clear brandy, which will become golden and light with the passing years”.
The “Ciel et Terre” cognac is an exclusive vintage selected only for the Domaine des Etangs and CREATIONS DRAGONFLY, whose flavours are light, almost floral. When savoured with one’s eyes closed, one detects a perfume of coumarin, the scent of cut hay. It ages in a single barrel selected for the Domaine by Frédéric Bourgoin, until it reaches 62°, before it is brought down to 43° with the help of rainwater. Very traditionally elaborated, its purity and its precise crafting render it ultimately modern. Each bottle is hand-engraved and is thus a one-off piece.
Cognac 35cl: H 16 x D 7.5 cm 70cl: H 19 x D 9.2 cm