The Domaine des Etangs® is pleased to present its online store to you.
You will discover the DRAGONFLY creations, a collection designed to transform into objects the emotion, sensitivity and balance that guided the creation of the Domaine.
As well as an additional selection of Houses, brands or creators whose values are the same, through their work and their natural practices of beauty.
Many escape experiences, to offer yourself or your loved ones, are also available: stays in the heart of the Domaine, meals at the Michelin-starred restaurant Dyades or treatments at the Moulin des Etangs.
As menus and formulas are subject to change with the seasons, we would like to inform you that only the purchase value of the gift voucher prevails.
Exclusivity Domaine des Etangs®

Vase émaillé

Laurent Weymeels

White sandstone vase glazed black

Exclusivity Domaine des Etangs®

Vase dentelle

Laurent Weymeels

White sandstone vase with a lace glaze

Exclusivity Domaine des Etangs®

Cercle intérieur

Manon Clouzeau

Small or large bowl in ferruginous clay and minerals fired at 1260°

Limited edition

Golden Single

Raphaël Navot
Gilded polished brass bookstand

Limited edition 12 pieces only.

1 850.00
Exclusivity Domaine des Etangs®

Nos Racines

Maison Labiche

Adult T-shirt embroidered with radish, carrot or turnip

Limited edition

Empreinte du Temps

Xavier Maffre
Ceramic stool with rope embossing

Limited edition 1 pieces only per year.

1 050.00
Exclusivity Domaine des Etangs®

Du Limousin

J.M Weston
Leather shoe shine, small leather shine brush or large leather shine brush kit fully sourced in the Limousin

Limited edition

Empreinte d’émail

Xavier Maffre
Glazed ceramic stool

Limited edition 1 pieces only per year.

1 250.00
Preorder, delivery from 15/12

Kintsugi Charentais

Serge Nicole
Dessert, dinner or presentation plates with natural cracks filled with gilded porcelain


Dans les nuages

Sam Kasten
Baby cashmere plaid or large handwoven cashmere plaid with fringes

2 100.002 600.00

Dans les rêves

Sam Kasten
Large handwoven mohair plaid with silk edges

1 750.00

Herbier précieux

Porcelaines de la fabrique
Large serving plate with gold embellishments designed by Cyprien Chabert


Essences précieuses

Porcelaines de la Fabrique
Set of 4 dessert plates or 4 soup plates or 4 dinner plates with gold embellishments designed by Cyprien Chabert

Limited edition

Lune Pleine

Atelier Saint Didier

Hand-painted octogonal candle holder

Limited edition 17 pieces only.

3 750.00