Under the helm of Chef Loïc Lecoin and his staff, the gastronomy served at the Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant is not in keeping with the cycle of calendar seasons but with thecycle of Nature that changes the course and the flavour of ingredients daily.
On a white tablecloth, the wood of a Nontron knife meets a Bernardaud plate decoratedwith a delicate dragonfly.
The graphic artwork by Caroline Corbasson on the walls form anintriguing landscape that is reflected on the surface of the pantry’s copper pots.

In harmony with the cycle of seasons and the elements of water, air, fire, ether and earth,the treatments offered by our practitioners are directly inspired by the surrounding naturalenvironment.
Le Moulin also offers treatments that are specifically designed to be enjoyed alone, with friends or even for families. In the triple suite, parents and children are invited to share anexclusive treat.
Le Moulin des étangs

Le moulin des Etangs


It was the vision of Primland’s founder, Daniel Primat, to create a place of immense beauty that offered his guests a return to simple human pleasures in an environment of refined authenticity and sensuality. He developed Primland in an eco-conscious and thoughtful manner, as the ultimate retreat for world-class golf, refined dining and outdoor activities.
Our love of the land is expressed in our extensive efforts to minimize our impact on nature, in the freshness of our food, the many organic, sustainable ingredients we source locally or grow in our organic garden, and in the care with which we look after our guests.
Didier Primat instilled his passion for Primland in every member of his family and staff, and they carry forward his legacy with soul, heart and a commitment to genuine hospitality.

In the early 16th Century, Chateau Mivoisin was built under the direction of Gaspard de Coligny, father of the famous protestant admiral of Henry IV, who died during the Saint Bartholomew’s Day massacre, and the Château continues to form the focal point on the Estate.
The Mivoisin Estate is to be found in the Gâtinais region in France, adjacent to Sologne and Puisaye. The Estate is exceptional in its size, 10,000 acres of farms, protected woodland and ponds, as well as a large number of natural plant species and well preserved and progressively enhanced architectural sights.

Domaine de Mivoisin

Created in June 2018, Astre (Réseau arts plastiques et visuels en Nouvelle-Aquitaine ) Fine Arts and Visual Arts Network in New Aquitaine – aims to support and promote creative and visual expression, make artistic productions accessible to all, and ensure equitable development , cooperative and supportive of the plastic and visual arts sector in New Aquitaine region, France.

The network includes numerous museums, art centres, associative galleries, artists’ collectives, art libraries, residences, documentary collections and art schools, as well as the three regional contemporary art funds in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. They support artists, produce and disseminate contemporary art, train future professionals in the sector and develop creative research.

Réseau Astre