Posted on: Saturday, October 24, 2020

Wang Keping, Venus of the Pond: Creation of a work in situ

Past event, 27th October 2020

During one week, La Laiterie of the Domaine des Etangs had the honour of welcoming the artist Wang Keping to create a sculpture in situ. For the first time, the artist chose a standing tree as the starting point of a monumental sculpture, inspired by the natural shape of the wood. The tree from the Domaine des Etangs had unfortunately been meant for felling for safety reasons, yet the artist gave it a second life as it became a work of art in the hands of the artist.

Having observed the artist’s creative process, we were transported with joy and emotion as we
discovered Wang Keping’s “Venus of the Pond”. The sculpture has now joined the outdoor Art trail,
only a few hundred metres from where the tree had stood for over a century.

Many thanks to Wang Keping for his work, his bright personality and his willingness to share, which is inspiring beyond the realm of his art.