Posted on: Thursday, September 16, 2021

Exhibition : « Du sol au soleil » Tomás Saraceno

 July 22nd, 2021 - April 24th, 2022

Organized by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, curator of the exhibition
The thanks to the Aerocene, Arachnophilia and Tomás Saraceno's Studio

How can we attune to the webs of the Earth, by connecting with the myriad of presences, both animate and inanimate, aerial and terrestrial, that meet and cohabit within it? The exhibition Du sol au soleil by Tomás Saraceno is imagined as a wander across human and non-human universes, revealing their choreographies, and the limitless yet fragile bonds that unite these worlds. From a spider/web to a fossil free flying balloon, from flying gardens to the hidden score of celestial phenomena, the exhibition explores the connections between what lies below and above the Earth’s surface, and that ultimately take place in a shared cosmos. While some human activities continue to threaten entire ecologies, Du sol au soleil is an invitation to build sustained attunements with others and for us to poetically rethink alternative ways of inhabiting the world.


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Free tour : 4 € per person / Guided tour 10 € per personFree tours during the European Heritage Days - September 18th and 19th

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