Posted on: Thursday, April 7, 2022


Following the sucess of the exhibition, we are pleased to announce its extension until October 2, 2022

Organized by Rebecca Lamarche-Vadel, curator of the exhibition

 © Arthur Péquin

How can we attune to the webs of the Earth, by connecting with the myriad of presences, both animate and inanimate, aerial and terrestrial, that meet and cohabit within it? The exhibition Du sol au soleil by Tomás Saraceno is imagined as a wander across human and non-human universes, revealing their choreographies, and the limitless yet fragile bonds that unite these worlds. From a spider/web to a fossil free flying balloon, from flying gardens to the hidden score of celestial phenomena, the exhibition explores the connections between what lies below and above the Earth’s surface, and that ultimately take place in a shared cosmos. While some human activities continue to threaten entire ecologies, Du sol au soleil is an invitation to build sustained attunements with others and for us to poetically rethink alternative ways of inhabiting the world.

Taking place in Le Domaine des Etangs, the project draws its inspiration from its unique settings and its attention to the preservation of ecosystems and the diversity of their compositions. Le Domaine des Etangs sits next to the 20km2 Rochechouart meteorite crater, and thus appears as a place uniting the elements and celebrating entanglements between the aquatic, the terrestrial and the celestial. A series of public events related to the cultivation of interspecies attunement, the art of noticing, and how to build more equitable modes of existence with the environment, will be held throughout the exhibition. The project will culminate with the installation in the Domaine des Etangs of the site specific, monumental and permanent work Du sol au soleil in 2022, an aerial structure, both cloud and spider’s web, which unveils perspectives otherwise inaccessible to humankind.