Staying at Domaine des Etangs provides you with the opportunity to go out and explore the amazing natural heritage of the Charente and Limousin areas.

The Château de La Rochefoucauld, Château de Rochebrune and Château de Rochechouart all stand within the span of just a few kilometres, with the latter housing a modern art museum.

The Cassinomagus archaeological site delves a little further back in history to reveal remnants of Gallo-Roman times, offering one of the most remarkable remains of the Western Roman Empire, all wonderfully preserved.

The Rochechouart crater is a natural feature whose origins are even older, created by a meteorite that fell to earth some 200 million years ago, undoubtedly providing much of the stone found in the Domaine.

Those who are interested in heritage and craftsmanship will love places like the Nontron cutlery works, founded in 1653, the Nontron centre for arts & crafts and the Moulin du Verger paper mill in Puymoyen.

Nature lovers will want to visit the Foucherie bird observatory, the Chabanais arboretum, the Nontron gardens, along with the Etouars and Soudat orchards and conservation centres.