Visits and activities

The Art and Nature trails of the Domaine des Etangs

Art is everywhere at the Domaine des Etangs: in the exhibitions showcased at La Laiterie, in the site-specific Art in the park, in the buildings, as well as in the primary Creation, Nature. A place of ancestral roots, the Domaine des Etangs highlights our protection of and love for our environment.

It invites the spectators to explore the beauty that surrounds them and to allow themselves to be transported and enshrouded by the benevolent Nature.

In this respect, the Domaine is an open-air museum.

90-minute guided tours of the current exhibition and of the Art Trail of the Domaine.
Schedule: Wednesday at 2.30pm, Saturday and Sunday at 3.30pm.
Price: €8 (free for under-16s)

Workshops for children inspired by the current exhibition

To raise awareness to Art based on the theme of the current exhibition, La Laiterie organizes creative workshops for young people, from kindergarten to middle school, specifically catering to each age group.

Until 29th January 2021, the workshops focus on discovering the Art of Yves Klein.

Kindergarten “The blue of the clouds”: Like Yves Klein, children are invited in the course of this workshop to represent nature, but not just any nature: a special rain, a downpour of hands. Turned into actual living paintbrushes, they will make their own imprint and create a mobile.

Primary school “Conquering space!”: Fascinated by space, the artist had conceived his own rocket, a pneumatic model designed to reach the cosmic void. Over the course of the workshop, like astronauts, children will create their own rocket by appropriating everyday elements, as Yves Klein did.

Secondary school and young adults “Nature’s way”: Nature is omnipresent in the Domaine des Etangs. The fauna and the flora flourish and blossom in accordance with the cycle of seasons. During this workshop, participants are invited to create an animal or plant motif on a salvaged wood block using string art technique.

Wednesday and Saturday at 10.30am
Choice of workshop according to the age of participants and their wishes
Price: 10 euros
Limited number of places
Duration: from 1 hour to 1.5 hours

Enrol at
or by phone at +33 5 45 61 93 69

Art for school children

As part of its artistic and cultural educational program, La Laiterie, the Domaine des Etangs art space, offers tours catering to different age groups, from primary schools to final years. Arts students as well as university students are also invited to discover the Art and Nature tours with their teachers.

The choice of works discussed and the approach are adapted to the age of the students. The purpose of the visit is to pique their curiosity for contemporary artistic creation by encouraging a direct encounter with the pieces and access to a diversity of points of view. It includes both the exhibition space, devoted to Yves Klein for the 2020 season, and some of the works in the park.

Educational aids will soon be made available by request to help teachers prepare class visits.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Price: on request
Visits should be booked at or by phone at +33 5 45 61 93 69