Domaine des Etangs


Wang Keping, Venus of the Pond: Creation of a work in situ

Past event, 27th October 2020

During one week, La Laiterie of the Domaine des Etangs had the honour of welcoming the artist Wang Keping to create a sculpture in situ. For the first time, the artist chose a standing tree as the starting point of a monumental sculpture, inspired by the natural shape of the wood. The tree from the Domaine des Etangs had unfortunately been meant for felling for safety reasons, yet the artist gave it a second life as it became a work of art in the hands of the artist.

Having observed the artist’s creative process, we were transported with joy and emotion as we discovered Wang Keping’s “Venus of the Pond”. The sculpture has now joined the outdoor Art trail, only a few hundred metres from where the tree had stood for over a century.

Many thanks to Wang Keping for his work, his bright personality and his willingness to share, which is inspiring beyond the realm of his art.

Wang Keping in residency: Meeting the artist in his open-air studio

Past event, 23rd September 2020

The exhibition “La Lumière des Mondes” (The Light of the Worlds) in 2019 provided Wang Keping with the opportunity to discover the Domaine des Etangs: on this occasion, the artist from China exhibited a couple in maple, as well as the curled-up body of a woman, conjuring up the essence of Life.

Commissioned by Collection Dragonfly, the sculptor produced in September 2020 a large-scale sculpture from a tree handpicked on the estate. For Wang Keping, Nature is the matrix of Art: it guides and inspires him. Wood itself whispers to him, revealing what he will discover within it.

On the afternoon of 23rd September, the public had been invited to become acquainted with the artist and his work in an open-air studio. This event was an opportunity to discover or rediscover his work during a privileged moment and conversation and to witness the creative process at work behind the piece which later joined the Art and Nature trail of the Domaine.

Anne de Vandière’s Circles of Life are on view at the Galerie de La Longère

It is an honour to display for the second time the work of the remarkable photographer Anne de Vandière. After inaugurating La Laiterie in 2017 with the Tribu/s du Monde exhibition, she returns to the Domaine de Etangs with her Circles of Life that combine photographs and mandala.

Through her works exhibited in the Galerie de La Longère, she invites us to meet the peoples she has photographed on five continents and who all have in common an anchored respect, a natural connection for Mother Earth. Circle of Life, Mandala, Anne de Vandière highlights the balance of the world. Everything is unity, connected, interconnected. Nature asks us to come together and form an alliance, to take care of each other.

All works are sold in aid of the Tribu/s du Monde association.