Art space

La Laiterie
The Libraries

La laiterie, an art and exhibition space in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine

A stone’s throw from the Château and the Longère, La Laiterie is a sturdy 18th century building rooted in the farming estate. Having witnessed the history of the place and designed originally to shelter animals and the dairy, it is a legacy of stone and wood which today houses the Art space and the exhibitions of the Domaine des Etangs. What better venue for the Art of Life than this historical gem in which the past still resonates.

Designed to celebrate knowledge, transmission and sharing, La Laiterie welcomes foremost an exhibition space on the ground floor. Temporary exhibitions are showcased there, organized by renowned curators, such as “Poussières d’étoiles” in 2018 curated by Hervé Mikaeloff, and “La Lumière des Mondes” in 2019, co-curated with the late Ingrid Pux. In 2020, Daniel Moquay, president of the Yves Klein Archives, and Philippe Siauve, appropriated this space and showcased “Yves Klein, Elements and Colours”. La Laiterie also welcomes the Garance Primat Collection, a universalist collection comprising works of art, books, antiques, minerals…

The libraries of the Past and the Future

Art is knowledge, a knowledge that words convey point blank.

Thus, La Laiterie also houses two libraries on its mezzanine, on either side of the exhibition hall, custom-created by the designer Raphaël Navot. They face one another and interact in silence, as if to intensify the  strength of their precious knowledge.

To the left, like a gentlemen’s club, the library of the past with its books predating 1920. To the right, the library of the future designed like a circular path around a shelf containing books from 1930 onwards.

In the centre, the exhibition hall, an artistic endeavour in a present in constant motion.