The Farmhouse cottages

Domaine des Etangs


The farmhouse cottages

200 million years ago, an asteroid fell from the sky and landed close to the estate of the Domaine des Etangs.

This cosmic event was the starting point of the poetic world of the Farmhouse Cottages. 

Former farm buildings renovated by skilled human hands, each bears the name of a constellation in tribute to the asteroid which altered Nature in this land and the landscape of the area.

Spacious and welcoming, they offer the luxury of the riches of Nature. 

At the heart of 2,500 acres of an unspoilt countryside, these residences are designed to help you reconnect to the essential, with family or friends, and boast the charm and comfort of a five-star hotel. 

By a pond, off a countryside path, next to a forest, close to the fauna and flora, they can easily be reached from the Château by small electric cars. 

For an authentic stay and an enchanted interlude in the Charente Limousine region, the six Farmhouse Cottages welcome you in their harmonious spaces in tune with the elements. 


All the Farmhouse Cottages are equipped with a kitchen area and air conditioning.

Our four-legged friends are welcome.

 Farmhouse cottage
Farmhouse Cottage 393 m2 5 rooms

In the centre, under the wood beams, a fountain flows by the staircase leading upstairs. On the walls, like a kaleidoscope of terracotta, a caparison in ochre openwork tiles enfolds you in its warmth. In the Dragon’s lair, the elements combine.

This stately farmhouse spans 393 m² and offers a wonderful view of the surrounding nature and ponds. Its five rooms can accommodate a total of 10 guests.

At the end of the vast entrance hall, you will come across a fountain, a real indoor waterfall reminiscent of Roman baths

The combination of wood, glass and stone produces a unique experience in a cosy setting. The large bay windows, which open onto the spacious lounge, offer a surprising view. As the mind rests and dreams, it can soak up its surroundings.

The Univers bathroom has a large copper tub guaranteed to inspire tranquillity and peace of mind.

On the ground floor: Etoile and Comète (adjoining) as well as Galaxie.

Upstairs: Univers and Astéroïde, each with their own lounge distinct from the entrance hall.

Etoile : 44 m2
Bedroom 36 m2 / Bathroom 8 m2

Comète : 41 m2
Bedroom 33 m2 / Bathroom 8 m2

Galaxie : 42 m2
Bedroom 34 m2 / Bathroom 8 m2
Astéroïde : 95m2
Bedroom 38 m2 / Living room 43 m2 / Bathroom 14 m2

Univers : 95 m2
Bedroom 38 m2 / Salon 43 m2 / Bathroom 14 m2

Living room : 74 m2
Farmhouse cottage
Farmhouse cottage of 273 m5 rooms

Bathed in sunlight, Pégase seems to carry all the world’s hopes of beauty on its wings. It is crossed by a huge wooden footbridge that, at first glance, appears to divide it yet simply creates an invisible barrier between the hall and lounge.

The Pégase farmhouse covers 273 m² and has five bedrooms, including three on the ground floor: Etoile and Comète (adjoining) and Galaxie.

The two upstairs rooms include Univers (via the wooden footbridge) and Astéroide.

It can accommodate up to 10 people.

The spacious ground-floor lounge has two enormous bay windows, affording an unobstructed view of the pond and surrounding nature.
Two genuine carpenter’s tools are displayed there.

The copper washbasins enhance the distinctive style of the bathrooms.
Glass is omnipresent. Skylights provide a natural source of light upstairs.
The main colours are a perfect match for the Domaine’s verdant, rocky and wooded landscapes.

Galaxie (ground floor) : 33 m2
Bedroom 25 m2 / Bathroom 8 m2

Etoile (on the ground floor, adjoining Comète) : 29 m2
Bedroom 24 m2 / Bathroom 5 m2

Comète (on the ground floor, adjoining Etoile) : 28 m2
Bedroom 23 m2 / Bathroom 5 m2
Astéroïde (1st floor) : 23 m2
Bedroom 14 m2 / Bathroom 9 m2 / Separate living room 43m2

Univers (1st floor, accessible via the footbridge) : 26 m2
Bedroom 16 m2 / Bathroom 10 m2 / Separate living room 43m2

Ground-floor living room : 61 m2
Passage 9 m2 / Passage 20 m2
Farmhouse cottage
Farmhouse cottage of 164 m3 rooms

Spacious and quiet, warm and beautiful in the sunlight, Serpentaire opens onto an orchard that slopes downwards towards a pond that borders it.

Located by a pond on the west side of the Domaine, this 164 m² house offers a wonderful viewpoint and exceptional quiet.

Serpentaire includes one downstairs bedroom: Galaxie 

Two more rooms are located upstairs: Etoile and Comète.
It can accommodate up to six people

Two large openings fill the lounge with a remarkable amount of light and provide access to the outside, allowing you to enjoy the splendour of the landscape facing the pond.

Serpentaire is an irresistible haven of peace on the edge of vast green meadows.

Galaxie (ground floor) : 35 m2
Bedroom 24 m2 / Bathroom 11 m2

Etoile (1st floor) : 31 m2
Bedroom 19 m2 / Bathroom 12 m2
Comète : 23 m2
Bedroom 15 m2 / Bathroom 8 m2
Living room : 41 m2
Passage 15 m2 / Kitchen 19 m2
Farmhouse cottage
Farmhouse cottage of 221 m2 2 rooms

Located below Pégase and built on a rock, Cassiopée welcomes you in its peaceful setting. To the right, after the door, stands a huge fireplace with a welcoming hearth.

Cassiopée is located at the heart of the Domaine, stretching over 221 m², with two upstairs bedrooms: Univers and Astéroïde.

The enormous fireplace in the lounge of Cassiopée creates a cosy atmosphere in this farmhouse cottage. Before reaching the wine tasting cellar, discover a dining room which invites you to sample local produce.

Univers : 50 m2
Bedroom 42 m2 / Bathroom 8 m2
Astéroïde : 43 m2
Bedroom 31 m2 / Bathroom 12 m2

Lounge dining room : 87 m2
Passage 4 m2 / Wine tasting cellar 37 m2
Farmhouse cottage
Farmhouse cottage of  166 m2 rooms

Located between two ponds, Centaure offers a view that stretches into the distance, as far as the pastures. Inside, a vast lounge dining room opens onto a large fireplace and a wooden staircase.

Centaure, a vast 144 m² space, features a distinctive, well-lit lounge in light colours, a combination of sand and driftwood tones. The refined atmosphere, inspiring relaxation and geniality, emphasizes the elegance of the place.

A hint of contemporary design adds just the right touch to the room without ever downplaying its authenticity.

It can accommodate up to 4 guests

Comète, on the ground floor: the first bedroom.

Univers, upstairs: a large twin room with its own lounge.

There is another lounge upstairs, featuring glass flooring that lets the light pour in from downstairs.

Comète (ground floor) : 18 m2
Bedroom 13 m2 / Bathroom 5 m2
Univers (1st floor) : 71 m2
Bedroom 23 m2 / Living room 36 m2 /Bathroom 7m2
Living room 56 m2
Kitchen 21 m2
Farmhouse cottage
Farmhouse cottage 106 m2 of 1 room

Exclusive and unique with its stone walls, Licorne overlooks the ponds.

Licorne is the perfect place for a couple, a stone’s throw from the Château. The 106 m² farmhouse affords a spectacular view of the surrounding countryside.

It features a bedroom and can welcome two guests. 

The spacious lounge draws you in right from the entrance. The warm, handcrafted decor immediately invites you to dream.

The upstairs bedroom sits on a wide mezzanine of wood and stone.

Yellow and taupe are the main colours, blending harmoniously with the open stonework to conjure a feeling of peace and romance.

Bedroom 43 m2
Bathroom 9 m2
Living room 54 m2