The Château

Domaine des Etangs


The château

The elegant and refined Château of the Domaine des Etangs, whose tall towers flirt with the sky, is nonetheless well and truly rooted in the ancestral and regional history. 
From its creation in the 13th century by knights from the Middle Ages to the French Revolution and its modern renovation into a protective family home, it is a timeless gem in an exquisite natural setting. 
Its thick walls, maintained by many generations over time, welcome seven Suites bearing the names of planets from the solar system. Numerous works of Art and curios inspired by the cosmos are thus displayed in the different rooms, corridors and nooks and crannies. 
Lounges, a Smoking Lounge, a Library, a majestic Attic or thermal baths inspired by Gallo-Roman tradition, invite guests to sample a refined Art of Life focused primarily on transmission. 
At the heart of the Domaine and its five-star hotel, it provides a wonderful touch, straight out of an ancient tale, transporting us into a dream made reality.

Pets are not allowed in the Château, but are welcome in theCottages or in the Longère.

Suite Signature Château 
Suite signature 147 m2
Bedroom 64 m2
Living room 53 m2
Bathroom 30 m2

Venus is the largest and cosiest of our suites. A place that nurtures love and beauty.

The bedroom is bathed in light streaming in from the windows and from the extraordinary “wall of water” photographic composition by Dieter Appelt. 27 photographs of water reflections in dark silver which open the wall onto an impossible ocean. In a corner, echoing the scallop-shaped stool of the living room, a shell-shaped cradle seems to await the birth of Boticelli.

The bright, spacious bathroom has two windows that open onto the natural surroundings. Here, the journey continues with a trip into space with Thomas Demand’s “Constellation, 2000”.

Surrounding the Second Empire furniture, the lights by Fabio Cappello complemented by those by Giacomo Ravagli and the copper Tunisian wall lights create a touch of modern orientalism. Balanced against a wall, the original Star Wars poster invites you to travel to the farthest reaches.

“Yield to love. Such is the will of Venus! Pointless is the flower that blooms alone. Pointless is the love whose scent none will know”
Suite Prestige Chateau
Suite prestige 102 m2
Living room 54m2, 
Bathroom 28m2, 
Bedroom 20m2

The Sun is both colour and light; the only star that shines in the blue sky.
A majestic paradox showcased on the bedroom wall with Laurent Grasso’s “Soleil Double”: two brushed brass discs which play with the outdoor light, in contrast with the neighbouring neon which distils light from within.

In the vast lounge with its surprising tubular gold and brass bookcase and in the intimate bedroom which boasts a glass ceiling from which a crystal chandelier illuminates the tiled sky, “Soleil Double” is the focal point of a universe in which the centre is nowhere and the circumference everywhere. 

Through the doorway, the bathroom bathes in the light from a window that opens onto the park. Like a small haven of coolness in the early rays of dawn.

In the bedroom, all the works of art reference the sun, and their colour palettes are inspired by each of its ray. In front of the bed, like an invitation to travel, stands a chest of drawers composed of stacked suitcases by Maarten de Ceulaer. Further on, two lights by Michael Anastassiades. On the headboard, “Naissance du zero” by Pierre Garnier which plays with the worthless circle like a lost sun.

“Close your eyes: all you see is yours”
Jean Giraudoux
Suite Château
Suite Château 76 m2
Living room 27 m2
Bedroom 28 m2
Bathroom 14 m2
Passage 7 m2

Welcome to the kingdom of chiaroscuro, bathed in blue and silver, designed to let you dream and lose yourself in the natural rhythm of time.
In the entrance hall, on a coffee table by Massimiliano Locatelli, the extraordinary “6P2”  lamp by Paolo Tilche, like a detail of the moon placed on the grey surface of the nocturnal celestial body. 

The bedroom, intimate and cosy, fosters introspection when, as you lie down, your gaze is drawn to the glass ceiling that reveals the interior architecture of the tower.

Several of Hergé’s works stand side by side with an engraving by Ugo Rondinone, a photograph by MAURICE LOEWY from the Photographic Atlas of the Moon as well as several other pictures of the nocturnal celestial body by NASA. 

“The moon is the dream of the sun”
Junior Suite Château
Junior Suite 53 m2
Living room 24m2
Bedroom  19m2
Bathroom 10m2

Open any of the five doors of the lounge to reveal Jupiter’s orderly, beaming wisdom.

A lounge, a bedroom, a walk-in shower, a hidden dressing room. Each room can be shut off from the others to allow guests the pleasure of opening and discovering them.

On the ceiling, two Omer Arbel chandeliers create their own Milky Way. Leaning against a wall, “Stern 03h51m-55°”by Thomas Ruff.

Chambre Prestige Château
Chambre prestige 41 m2
Bedroom 31 m2
Bathroom 6 m2
Passage 5 m2

A sense of silence and retreat presides here. Serene and mature, navigating the border between the visible and the invisible, Saturne invites you to reflect.

With its glass ceiling in the tower, its fireplace and purple hues, Saturne cultivates a feeling of romantic refinement. Here, the hourglass of time halts its course, to the delight of guests.

Hans Agnejakobsson’s lamp and wall fixtures seem to scatter stars across the bedroom. Engravings illustrating the earth and the sky from the 16th, 18th and 19th centuries hang on the wall, framing a 1897 decorative panel by Verneuil Grasset de 1897 depicting dragonflies.

“Love the age-old embrace of Saturn’s reign; love the charming god; love the hidden god, who came like a moth to a flame to plant an invisible kiss on the lips of Psyche.”
Chambre Prestige Château
Prestige Room 36 m2
Bedroom 23 m2
Bathroom 8 m2
Passage 5 m2

Warm and bathed in shades of plum and burgundy, Mars doesn’t premeditate anything. This place is for you to sleep or enact your passions. It is a choice that the god of springtime and youth saves for those who are bold enough. He is thought to be a warrior whereas he is lively and quicksilver. He is a child who pretends to be serious.

The chandelier tubes, like the quiver of the god of war, send a message to the seats designed by Hermès which, stand next to the suitcases by Maarten de Ceulaer. On the headboard, a number of plates including “Mappemonde géographique de la planète Mars” from 1782, “Astronomie” a plate from the Diderot and Alembert encyclopaedia, and a pair of Malby globes from 1867.

“Mars, laughing in spite of the showers, is secretly preparing for spring.”
Théophile Gauthier
Prestige room Château 
Prestige room 38 m2
Bedroom 23 m2
Bathroom 7 m2
Passage 8 m2

Mercury (Mercure), begat by the sun and the moon, is elusive. We think of him as small when in fact he is thorough! We think of him as reasonable, when in fact he is intuitive. He provides what we hope for and slips away like quicksilver when faced with obligations. 

The bedroom is designed to be gazed at. A lighthouse opens onto the banks of the pond of the Château. A circle traces an arc against the sky, above the green foliage of the forest.

Mercure is suitable for persons with reduced mobility.
The headboard features a number of engravings showing the movement of Mars and Mercury in relation to the Earth, a plate by Andriveau-Goujon illustrating the planetary system, a 16th century planisphere and a pair of wooden wings, perhaps used by Mercury himself when flying from one planet to the next.

“Love is like quicksilver in the hand. Leave the fingers open and it stays. Clutch it and it darts away.”

Discover le château

The Attic

The attic of the Château is home to a large playroom where, under the beautiful beams, children – and those who have preserved their inner child – may rummage through the treasure chests and find games and costumes…
…take part in a wild game of table football or try their hand at the pool table.

The Thermal Baths

The Thermal baths, inspired by the Gallo-Romans, are located in the basement of the Château.
They give guests of the Domaine an opportunity to enjoy a full thermal experience, which includes the indoor pool, steam baths and the frigidarium.
A haven to completely relax the body and the mind.

The Library

The pleasure of reading and playing is enhanced by the oblivion experienced in one of the alcoves, as we are rendered languid by the heat of the room.

The Entrance Hall

Spacious and bright, the entrance hall sets a classic and contemporary tone, with its stately staircase, its poetic bestiary by Vincent Fournier and its sparkling constellation suspended from the ceiling.

The Family Lounge

With its deceivingly classic interior, this lounge symbolizes the spirit of the place: a touch of humour with the large family portrait by Hans-Peter Feldmann, the shimmer of the glass wall lamps by Murano and an eye gazing at the stars through an 1872 Secrétan telescope.

The Ladies' Lounge

This cosy lounge, dominated by powdery shades, is a place where secrets are shared in hushed voices, in a setting dating back to 1650, with the addition of ceiling lights created by Ralph Nauta and Lonneke Gordijn, delicately accentuated with dandelion bristles.

The Gentlemen's Lounge

In this cosy and mineral space presided over by a magnificent bar, Onyx armchairs are draped in cashmere, while the vast rug designed by Ateliers Pinton offsets the roughness of the stone walls.

The Smoking Lounge

Beneath light-coloured wood panelling, cigar smoke rises upwards towards a luminous creation by Michael Anastassiades, where it blends with the scents of leather and cognac.