Every aspect of Domaine des Etangs® reflects its connection with Nature. For instance, in the gait of the wheat-coloured Limousine cows found in the meadows dotted here and there among the trees.
There are close to 800 head of cattle, probably the largest herd in France… perhaps even in Europe.

Laurent Leservoisier has been breeding and selecting cattle at the Domaine for nearly 20 years. Despite an annual birth rate of 300, he knows each cow by name. The Domaine is listed in the Herd Book, the breed registry first compiled in 1886, and has established a reputation as a high-quality breeder, which exports its animals worldwide.

You may wish to visit the many stalls at the Domaine, watch or even participate in the meticulous process of preparing—washing and brushing—the handsome animals chosen for competition.

Walk through the fields with Laurent, bucket of grain in hand, to find out more about these quiet beasts, feel their warm coat and listen to him tell you how, in the summer, when the weather is warm, the young calves leave their enclosures to lie in the cool ferns. But beware. The slightest noise or hint of danger will trigger the mother’s protective instincts, sending her running across the field, young in tow.