The time has come
to light the stars again

Guillaume Apollinaire


Domaine des Etangs - 5-stars hotel

A Place of Life in harmony with Nature

Everything hails from the Earth and everything returns to It.

Driven by this notion of balance, the philosophy of the Domaine des Etangs is built around an Art of Life reconnected to Nature. The Domaine, which evolves following the cycle of seasons, covers 2,500 acres of preserved Nature, offering its guests moments of connection in a haven that embraces the essential and dazzles the senses.

The forests, their fauna and flora, interrelate with the farmed fields and with the largest herd of Limousin cattle in France, renowned for its genetic heritage. The spiral-shaped vegetable garden, which supplies the restaurant, thrives throughout the year, the ponds mirror the sky in motion, revealing the stars at night. The traveller discovers a world between the Sky and the Earth which is not solely residential but also attuned to Nature. 

A landmark in French history, it passes on its legacy, reading like in a tale, with the knights who built the château in the 13th century, that offered shelter on the ancient road that connected Limoges to Angoulême. With its numerous Farmhouse Cottages, the Domaine des Etangs also bears witness to a country life that used water to power the mills and nurtured a strong connection to the Earth and its many crops. The Ponds were for their part dedicated to carp breeding in the past.  Everything symbolizes the ancient relationship between humankind and the benevolent and protective Nature. 

Today, a family home turned into a superb five-star hotel, the Domaine des Etangs is a place to escape, dwell and experience the serenity and harmony provided by this enchanted interlude.

A Luxury Hotel

What if true luxury simply consisted in taking one’s time and staying in a harmonious setting steeped in serenity and insouciance? In changing one’s perception of preciousness, in discovering the ultimate merit of reconnecting to Nature.

This Art of Life, this true reconnection to oneself, is the purest expression of a pleasure that arouses the senses, appeases the body and places one at the heart of the circularity of seasons and Life.

Drawing inspiration from the elements that surround one, taking one’s time to reconnect: herein lies the real luxury provided by the five-star hotel Domaine des Etangs.

When you observe truth in nature, there you discover the pleasantries of a superior irony.

Honoré de Balzac

All is Nature, All is Care

Care is omnipresent in the Domaine, a privileged guest of Nature.
Here, everything is conducive to surrendering and Well-Being.
Moulin des Etangs and its Wellness Space, the vegetable garden, during boat rides on the ponds, down the various trails through Nature, the thermal baths of the Château as well as the elegant rooms, La Laiterie that welcomes Art exhibitions and naturally the works of Art outdoors.

The one thousand hectares of unspoilt Nature constitute a huge land on which to revel and savour one’s freedom, from which one draws the resources to suit one’s desires and needs.

A restaurant inspired by the seasons

Each table at Domaine des Etangs® plays with its decor, offering a different kind of pleasure.

Each table? Yes, although Dyades is its main gourmet restaurant, the Domaine offers a variety of places and flavours to enjoy a cuisine inspired by the generous terroir of the Charente and Limousin regions.

On the one hand, the Farmhouse Cottages with their “home” service, on the other hand, by the ponds or the forests for an alfresco meal… variations for different settings and atmospheres.

The food served at Dyades, the main restaurant, is evolves from day to day as it relates not to the cycle of the seasons but to Nature which daily changes the course and the taste of things.

Art at the Domaine des Etangs

The Domaine des Etangs is a place of inspiration, transmission and sharing, both the cradle and the springboard of an Art of Life at the heart of Nature. Here, Art and the Art of Life are intrinsically linked, like the two complementary principles of one whole, quintessentially elementary. 

Art, like Love, is a universal language. By addressing the depths of the soul, it touches, free of barriers and boarders. It connects men and women, united by the same emotion,  reconnects them to their feelings and intimate perceptions, to Nature and their own profound nature. Art is a link, art is harmony, a suspended balance in which the rational and the irrational, the past and the present, the infinitely small and the infinitely big interrelate.

At the Domaine des Etangs, Art is everywhere: in the exhibitions hosted in La Laiterie, our Art Space, in the Garance Primat Collection (link) which lends its works to the venue, but also in the buildings and the time-honoured know-how, and in Nature itself of course, the primary artist of the Domaine. 

Explore and enjoy.

Art is a harmony parallel with Nature.

Paul Cézanne