Domaine des Etangs is not an abode for adults alone. It is a haven for families. A place to nurture childhood laughter and imagination. A place that makes memories.

Theirs is the play park. Theirs is the expanse of attic on rainy days and long, winter afternoons. Happily out of parents’ sight yet always under the watchful gaze of our staff who ensure their comfort and safety, children are free to harvest vegetables in the kitchen garden, make cakes, or simply run to their heart’s content through the trees.

Domaine des Etangs is also the Domaine des Enfants.

As the crimson sun draws the remains of the day toward the horizon, the sound of parents’ voices fills the air: “Children, time for dinner!”
Yet silence is the only answer.

Then, quietly, like a breeze across a green lawn, there comes a tumble of gentle laughter, the cheerful chirp of children who flit between earth and sky, engrossed in their imaginary world.

They play. They arc up on a swing to conquer the heavens. They soar from a trampoline to explore the universe. They discover distant lands beyond the ponds.